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Made to Measure uPVC Doors Direct From Our Factory

Our casement doors are manufactured in our own factory by our skilled team of specialist uPVC fabricators. Using the highest quality Selecta Advance 70 uPVC profile, we design and manufacture doors to your individual requirements. Our range of quality uPVC doors can be supplied in almost any size, any colour and in a variety of styles to suit any entrance.

We supply a huge range of uPVC Doors including French Doors, Patio Doors and Composite Doors. Our Doors are designed to provide the highest standards of aesthetic appearance, durability and security.

All of our casement doors are fully steel reinforced, are fitted with heavy duty Flag hinges, a 5 point Hook Security Lock and an anti drill Eurocylinder. We offer a choice of quality handles and letter plates, and our doors can be factory fitted with a cat-flap of your selection.

With uPVC doors becoming an easy target for the burglar, thanks to the worrying trend in lock bumping and lock snapping, we are keen to supply all our doors with the added security of a Kenrick Excalibur RASP - Resistant Against Snapping and Picking. This breakthrough product tackles this worrying trend head on, offering complete BSI approved Eurocylinder security and total peace of mind to the homeowner.

The Excalibur RASP prevents a would-be burglar from 'bouncing' the pins inside the cylinder and gaining entry into a property within seconds without damaging the lock. In house tested at Kenrick's, the cylinder sustained a 14 minute attack using all the tools used for PAS 24 as well as additional tools which are available to any burglar but are not currently used in PAS 24 testing.

The Excalibur RASP cylinder system is also covered under Kenrick's £500 security guarantee offering the homeowner £500 towards the cost of replacing a damaged window or door and up to £600 towards the cost of replacing stolen property for a period of five years from the date of installation.

At United Plastic and Glass we take pride in the superior quality of all our products, and are pleased to supply your new windows complete with a full ten years manufactures guarantee.




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